Volunteers are vital to the success of any event. Many volunteers take on tasks for years, some would now like to step down, some tasks need additional help. Many tasks are taken on by board members and there simply is not enough of the board to do it all.

Volunteering is a great way to boost your self esteem, build your professional and personal skills, meet people, and contribute to the community while volunteering at WKA events.

Step up...volunteer your skills and time to make the events even more successful!

WKA needs YOU!

-WKA Banquet at WSIKF August 19, 2015(Washington State International Kite Festival)
Lot of Volunteers are needed at this year's WSIKF banquet and you get your meal free! Who wouldn't want to save the bucks AND get a participation pin?! Volunteers are needed starting at 3:00 p.m. at the Grange Hall. POC is Bonnie Ecker, whrlwind@comcast.net (no i in whrl) or 206-200-4183.

1. Banquet meal prep, 4 volunteers to get lasagnas into the ovens, cutting/wrapping/heating bread, assembling salads, putting out food/ condiments/ beverages, and cleanup of the kitchen afterwards.

2. Cleanup of the kitchen after food prep can be done by the same or other volunteers, but volunteers are needed. The more, the faster is gets cleaned up.

3. Banquet Grange Hall Setup, 1-2 volunteers needed to setup/arrange tables/chairs, set up the microphone. A setup map is provided.

4. Banquet Raffle, 4 volunteers needed to assist Launny with processing and setting up the banquet raffle items. This involves asking donors as they enter to write their item description and their name on their raffle bags. You then place raffle items and bags on tables and walls. Ticket drawers are also needed and runners to take items to the winners. Great for the kids to help!

5. After the event, everyone who can stay and help are needed to put chairs/tables away, sweep, tidy the grange hall, and haul garbage bags to the beach parking lot dumpsters as there are no dumpsters at the Grange Hall.


-WKA at WSIKF Booth Assistance During the Week

Need 14 volunteers who wouldn't mind sitting in and sharing the AKA booth to talk about the WKA and hand out newsletters and membership forms. Next to the red and white tent. Ideally, WKA would like the table staffed Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Time slots are flexible. Don't feel you have to sit in there for hours. Just 1 hour or longer is fabulous! Rest those tired feet and help us out.